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Mikey had just stopped competing, starting to put his time into free surfing again so we decided to do a couple of smaller projects first before working on something bigger. Rolo was filming for his Octo part and Kael had just finished shooting his latest film, ‘Idiot Box’.


After spending a full winter in Aus due to travel restrictions, Quiksilver had planned a snow trip for September in the Swiss alps and invited everyone to come. Mikey, Rolo, Kael and I took the opportunity to spend some time in Europe and make a video out of the trip, regardless of the quality of waves we got. We just went to get out of Australia for a while and have a good time. We scored some fun waves here and there but the one session we got in Ireland topped off the whole trip. I think Rolo got concussed and Kael missed the session with a bung ankle. Mikey went full Lizard brain though.

I’m trying to remember what has happened over the past 2 years since COVID started and my brain is fizzing.. Mikey and i hadn't been filming much before covid hit, he was busy doing the tour and i was off doing a shit load of stuff for Quiksilver, then there was an injury, Lockdowns, no travel an all that stuff.. We did a couple sneaky missions down the East coast of Aus but didn't really get anything just a few fun waves here and there that have been sitting on a hard-drive with no real intention of being used for anything in particular. I guess that’s what instagrams for right?

Anyway that pretty much sums up 2020..


2021 comes around, Mikey has to do this surf off thing against Leo to keep his spot on tour, Loses the surf off, gets kicked off tour. In May we were in WA with Kael and Pako shooting a wetsuit add for Quik for a couple of weeks ad the waves were pretty sick, Me and Pako started to drive back east and stopped in SA for a little while and Mikey ended up meeting us there but there wasn't much surfing going on so bailed home.


In-between Covid, the tour and a couple injuries, this is a video dump to clear off all the excess footage off the hard drives. 

Mikeys first trip to Mexico.

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